I am just at work again. K.C. and I actually went on a date last night. It was so fun. We went to a wedding reception and then to watch the Break-Up. I liked the movie except the ending, but I guess the movie is called the Break-Up. It was so nice to hold hands. Usually our hands are full of kids.
Kobi is done with school on Friday. Oh, NO! 🙂 I actually think it will be fun. He is so cute. He received the perfect attendance award last week, and I made a big deal of it. I took tons of pictures, and I praised him. When he went to bed that night he said “Mommy, I am so smart. Some kids didn’t get any awards. Only the smart kids got awards, and I was one of them. That is why I am so smart.” I chuckled a little because it was the perfect attendance award, but I told him “You are right. You are so smart!” I think it is absolutely necessary to boost your child’s self-esteem. Now I need to make sure he is always at school, so he will always get that award :). I just love being able to attend all of his functions. It makes me smile just to see him looking so hard for me in the crowd. Then, he waves. It is also fun knowing his classmates. Since I quit working so much, I have been able to help out more in his classroom. They all know Mrs. Black :). Healthy kids are so much more fun than sick kids. It’s not sad as well.
Kobi starts flag football tomorrow. I don’t know if he knows what he is getting himself into!
Xayla is still trying to walk and as cute as ever.
I went to lunch with Candace and Michelle. It was a lot of fun because I didn’t get to really know Candace when she was in my Ward, so it is fun getting to know her through her bloggs, and now in “real life” :). Sadie is so cute as well. It was fun having 4 kids with us! We had a lot of looks, but the kids were actually really good.

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