Life and a family

Lately, I have been thinking about working part-time again so I could help us out financially and not loose my Nurse Practitioner skills, but now I get to spend everyday with my kids. Yes, things are not always blissful, but I love my kids so much. I know they love it when I am around. I read a couple of other bloggs today of other wonderful mothers and it made me realize my priorities. I know we will be OK and things will work out. I need to be at home with my kids now, and everything else will have to wait.
Side note: I made a recipe tamale pie yesterday. It was out of site. Let me know if you want the recipe and I will dig it up.

2 thoughts on “Life and a family

  1. Hey Ipuna!It’s a hard decision, but I know you’ll be blessed for being home with your kids. I hear so many stories from other young moms that live up here. I think as long as we’re living righteous lives the Lord will bless us. It’s just hard to decide when money is tight. Pray about it….you’ll figure it out.


  2. Thanks. I agree. We can pay our bills now, so I will live in the now (stay at home with the kids), and worry about the future later. Hard to do at times. Thanks for your comments.


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