I have been busy with life. I haven’t written in awhile. Let’s see what has been going on….
K.C. has Enrichment Period this month. It has been really nice. He only has class 2 times a week. I love him being home more. I almost don’t know what to do. I have to try and cook a lot more! That reminds me, I need to plan my meal list next week. He is dissecting/examines cadavours. It is kind of crazy. He said at first it is gross, but then it gets interesting. He still has not met with a recruiter for the military. So, that is up in the air.
Me: I have been studying for this class I have to take on Sunday: Pediatric Advance Life Support. It is just a recertification. I have also been making scrap book pages for Kobi’s Angel’s T-ball team. It has been fun, but time consuming. It has been fun cropping and editing photos. I also volunteered to help with Kobi’s field day at Iverson for the First and Second graders. I was in charge of helping with the 3-legged race. It was a lot of fun! Kobi was partners with the new Filipino child in his class. I was happy that he chose to do that. The kids had a great time. I love volunteering for things like that. I have also been trying to plan my days better. I feel like they go so fast. I can only do stuff when Xayla is sleeping. She is really busy now. I am trying to plan my days so I do not feel like I am “wasting” them, but spending time with your kids is never a waste. I just feel like I want to get so much accomplished in a day. Here are some of the things I have though of: Work out 3x a week, plan meals on Sunday for the week, take the kids to the park once a week, take the kids to the library once a week (I used to do this all the time, but I have not lately. I need to again. It gets Kobi excited about books). If you have any exciting things you do throughout the week (Or good ideas for planning your week) Please let me know!
Kobi: He has been doing better in school. I get frustrated because sometimes I feel that he just doesn’t care about things, but then I have to remember that he is only 6 years old. Last week he was funny, he had cooking tongs in his hands and he was picking up things off the floor with them and saying “This is unacceptable”. It was funny. He is using my words. K.C. and I took the kids to the Wiggles last week. It was a fun family time. I will have to put pictures up later.
Xayla: She is still crawling around. She is getting to a point to where she cries when I leave. It is very sad. K.C. walks her to the garage to show her that my car is gone. He said then she roams the house looking for me and whining :(. She likes crawling up the stairs as well. I have to really watch her and remember to put up the gate at the end of the stairs. She also makes me laugh because she just thinks her brother is the funniest thing. She will laugh so hard with him. She is also into feeding herself. It is so messy! I feel like I have to clean the floor all the time because when she is done eating she has to throw everything on the floor. She gave up her milk strike. She wouldn’t drink milk from a sippie cup for one month after I took the bottle away. Well, now she is drinking several cups a day. YES! Her hair is getting so long. She has been going to Kobi’s T-ball games, and so far she is browning up :). Maybe she will be one that does not burn easily! I hope so. Her Dad always burns! She loved the Wiggles. She was dancing and clapping. It was fun. Her favorite thing to do now is give dirty looks. If she does not know you or does not agree with what you have to say, she will give you a dirty look. She has also started biting. I have to nip than one now!
Well, this is long enough. That is our family in a nutshell. We are happy and healthy, and that is what matters!

2 thoughts on “Update

  1. Go Ipuna with your long blog! You needed to since we haven’t heard any news in a while. I’m like you…such a planner. It’s good though.


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