I have been lazy! This was spring break for Kobi. It was so much fun! We went to Circus Circus Adventure Dome on Sat. I thought that placed was boring now. I guess everyone else didn’t. It was crowded! It was a lot of fun. I liked the Lazer Tag the best. I had the highest score! I was taking no mercy! I had a question too. If anyone want to answer. What is your philosophy or your parents thoughts on sleep overs? Are they OK? How many days are OK? At what age is it OK? Or is it even OK at all? Just a thought. K.C. and I were discussing that. Please give me some advice! Thanks!

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  1. I think sleepovers are okay as long as you know the people well and as long as he’s comfortable too. I’ll probably let Avry do her first sleepover at my sister’s house when she’s older and see how it goes. Michelle


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