A Monday!

I had so much fun this weekend. I got to hang out with one of my bestest (great English, I know) friends in the whole wide world 🙂 Becky. We knew each other since about 7th grade. We went to a Korean church together when we were little. Don’t ask me what we were doing there, but it kept us out of trouble. She went to Kob’s t-ball game, then we ate at Lucielle’s (I think I spelled that wrong). Man, I think I am still full from the ribs, grits, greens, and corn I ate there! I slept well this weekend. She is trying to fatten me up. She said I lost too much weight. I think my stomach went into shock..all that food I ate!
Then, we came back to my house and we played Mario Brothers on the Nintendo! That was funny. Kobi had a blast and we felt like kids again.
Later that day, I went to a Dental School Wive’s Club party. The men went to the Priesthood session Sat night and the women and children hung out. My husband was watching the final four basketball on TV, but he joined the women later when their husbands came. It was a lot of fun! Kobi hung out with this 4 year old named Jonah. They had a blast. I got to hang out with my husband a lot, so that was fun, but now he is stressed about finals. :(. At least I had him for the weekend. I feel bad, sometimes I know he needs to study, but we are having so much fun. I should be encouraging him to study, but instead, I want him to myself :(.
Today, I bought some DVDs on sale. Exciting. I also maid Easter baskets for the kids and my husband. They don’t know about it yet of course.
My gym membership is on hold, so we could save some money, so I bought some work-out videos. That is what I am going to do now. Then, I have to start preparing dinner, pick-up Kobi, do homework, feed the kids, make cupcakes for t-ball, and then, go to the t-ball game tonight! Lots to do. See ya!

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