Better day

Michelle, Thanks for placing a comment. It is fun.
Grocery shopping can be a big project. I went to Costco and to Walmart today and it took the whole morning! Xayla was a trooper, but she did start getting tired. The rest of the day was devoted to dinner and to helping Kobi with homework. I tried a new recipe for dinner, “Taco Soup”. It was pretty good, but I think my crockpot was too small for the recipe because a lot of the soup spilled over. Cooking was not a God given talent for me.
K.C. is still at school (8:00 p.m.). He did get another A on an exam today. That makes me happy.
I am so excited about watching the finale of the Bachelor tonight. It is going to be good. K.C. is even into this season. He is coming home just for the Finale :).

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