Why I Want to Be Like Oprah

No....it's not what you think. I don't want to be like Oprah because she is the most famous female alive or because she has billions of dollars. I want to be like Oprah because she came from rough childhood and didn't let it stop her. Oprah persisted despite her circumstances and became all that she … Continue reading Why I Want to Be Like Oprah

Are You Good Enough?

In this technology era we live in, where there is instant access to social media, texting, images, and anything you can get your hands on, it’s easy to compare yourself to others. Your head can race with questions making you wonder: Are you good enough? Do I look like that airbrushed model who is as … Continue reading Are You Good Enough?

Positive New Year

It's only 1-6-17, and how many new year goals have you broken already? Ha ha. I won't tell on myself, but change isn't always easy. I think having a positive attitude makes a big difference when setting goals. There are two videos (see below) I watched that I liked because the women gave simple tips … Continue reading Positive New Year

Is Plotting Worth It? Writing Process.

Is plotting worth it during the story development phase? This is a funny picture I found here. It makes me think of authors using their creative (and let's be real...sometimes wild) ideas to plot the perfect plan to place their readers in a trance, turning page after page, skipping meals and showers to get through … Continue reading Is Plotting Worth It? Writing Process.

Writer’s: Find Your Voice By Being Yourself

Be true to yourself for there is no one else like you. As long as you do this, your voice will shine through your words. Basically, writers, find your voice by being yourself!

Persistence: My Main Goal for the New Year

Persist in the New Year. Keep your cause in mind, persistent forward, and continue to find out who you are. I'm right there with you!

The Book Thief: Book or Movie?

Do you like books, movies or both? I recently read The Book Thief and watched the movie. I discuss which one I prefer and why. My eleven-year-old daughter, Xayla, tells us if she prefers books, movies, or both and why. What do you prefer? I also reveal my critique partner / literary twin. πŸ™‚