The Book Thief: Book or Movie?

Do you like books, movies or both?

I recently read The Book Thief and watched the movie. I discuss which one I prefer and why. My eleven-year-old daughter, Xayla, tells us if she prefers books, movies, or both and why. What do you prefer?

I also reveal my critique partner / literary twin.๐Ÿ™‚


Blacks and Minorities Can Overcome Statistics

My oldest son, Kobi, talked to me about the Texas police shootings first thing this morning. This made me reflect on the situation.

The odds are not in favor for Blacks, Hispanics, or minorities in general, but this doesn’t mean we have to keep adding to the statistics. Create your future. Overcome the odds. Violence against violence is not the answer. I beat many odds to get my PhD. It wasn’t easy, but I’m glad I took that road instead of many other roads that would have led me to become another statistic.

About half of all gang members are black or Hispanic.

On average over 4000 black men are killed by black men annually.

In 2015, 33% of African-American and 23 % Latino adults had at least a 2-year college degree compared to 47% of whites.

Hilarious Korean Singing Mom and Silly Teen are All You Need for a Road Trip

Life gets busy. There never seems to be enough time to complete all of our goals. Sometimes it is nice to stop everything and enjoy some family time. Work will always be waiting for us when we are done with fun!

Here is a glimpse of my road trip with my hilarious, singing, Korean mom and silly teenage son. We went to California to visit UCLA, USC, and Cal State Long Beach. We had a good time. It was needed! I’ll post about our college visits soon!

I feel refreshed and ready to write again. We also visited Universal Studios. The new Harry Potter area was magical.๐Ÿ˜‰

Harry Potter Universal Studios

I hope everyone is enjoying the hot summer!

What Should You Look for in a College Visit?

Funny perspectives from mom and son.

What are three things you should look for in a college visit? What is the most exciting thing about a college visit?
In this video, with the help of my teenager, Kobi, I plan our college visits to UCLA and USC. Hopefully, this video is entertaining and teaches you some tips on getting the most out of a college campus visit!


How I Paid for College and Put $5000 in an Investment Account

In this video, I (with the help of my son, Kobi) discuss how I paid for my Bachelor’s Degree all through scholarships. I had no financial support from my family and walked away with my first degree debt free. I answer four questions:
How much does it cost for one school year in a bachelorโ€™s degree program?
What does it take to get a scholarship?
Do extracurricular activities matter?
How much of the financial responsibility should be placed on the college student versus the parent(s) or caretaker?


Information on the expense of college:

Scholarship essay tips:

Where to look for scholarships:

Try the school financial aid office you want to attend first.

Search the web (e.g.):

Brainfuse (Submit essay for review):

When Should You Start Preparing for College?

What are some of the benefits of attending college?

Is college worth it?

When do you start preparing for college.

In this video, I address these questions with the help of my teenage son, Kobi. He is so excited to attend college in a couple of years. Ha ha ha. Not really, but maybe this video will make him think about it? Just maybe?



Oreopoulos, P., & Petronijevic, U. (2013). Making college worth it: A review of research on the returns to higher education (No. w19053). National Bureau of Economic Research.

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Time and Decisions


I love this quote from Abraham Lincoln, “The best way to predict your future is to create it.” In life, we come to many crossroads. Sometimes it is safer to before you graduate high school because most of your life is predictable until then. Your biggest concerns are getting good grades, eating, resting, and having fun. These decisions become more difficult the older you get. In high school, you have to decide “what’s next?”.

Over the years, life gets more complicated, responsibilities increase, and time seems to disappear. What is the best way to spend your time? There is no perfect answer. Which path do you take? There is no perfect answer to that question either. How can we know that we are managing our time wisely or taking the right paths? (Please comment if you have a great answer! Help me out here!๐Ÿ™‚ ) I don’t know, but we will never regret our decisions if we follow out passions and spend time with our loved ones.

As the summer approaches, this is what I will be doing. Loving on my kids, reading, and writing. I hope you have a wonderful summer and please, check in!